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bali trip

Indonesia, April, 2019

Bali Wake Park is a great place for beginners as well as professionals. We spent 2 weeks there - great combination between experiencing Bali culture and riding. 

We all improved our wakeboarding skills a lot. But the most important part - we became such good friends! We laughed, cried, explored the ancient temples and miraculous waterfalls. Took surfing lessons and snorkeling trips. Bali experience was something that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We drove through the whole island back and forth on the scooters. In the Balinese traffic. For some of us it was a first time doing that, but wake girls are brave, right?


sliders cable park

El Gouna, Egypt, January, 2019

It was the trip for the girls of Women Wakeboarding community. In the middle of winter, we decided to get together and remember what it feels like to be on the water again. Sliders Cable park was still quite warm!

We did a lot of training, and had a huge progress. We created a strong bond with each other, had a lot of laughter and fun. And the friendships we made will stay for the rest of our lives. 

It was amazing to meet so many different women with the same values. All of us were different ages and occupations, but the spirit of these women was the same!

For our free time we had a quad trip to the desert. The feeling of accelerating the quad throughout the desert and raising the dust in the sunset was unbelievable! 
And the whole vacation together made us want to go to more trips and meet more women who wakeboard. 

republic wake park

Philippines, March, 2018

The purpose of this trip was riding in Republic Wakepark in Philippines. We spent 6 days training in this place. Republic cable park has one 2.0 system and a full size cable with many great obstacles. The staff is friendly and accommodation is nice. Training sessions and night rides at the cable were unforgettable.
In the middle of the training week we went for a hike and it was a nice break from riding. After the week of training we went to explore a different island and see some more of the Philippines.

There we had a scooters road trip, a few parties, and visited amazing beaches. This trip was a perfect balance between riding and exploring.