A Wakeboarding Tale by Kim Scott

I fell in love with the Skurfer after my dad brought home that and the Launch. I must have been 15. My friends and I took our super ghetto boat out on Lake Powell and Skurfed until we were exhausted. To improve, I knew enough to know that I needed to head to Orlando, FL. 

I called every water ski school in Orlando offering to drive a boat or whatever was needed and was lucky to find something fairly quickly.  Soon, my bags were packed and I was flying to Orlando.  After about a month the owner was trying to turn me into a full-time babysitter so I sought work elsewhere. I also needed to find a new place to live since I was not digging my current situation. 

I was at a Wakeboard Worlds event in Orlando and bravely walked up to my idol at the time (now it’s Warren Buffett!) And walked up to Andrea Gaytan. After a few minutes of chit chat, Andrea said she had a room coming up at her house! On a lake! With a boat! I was fascinated. 

Although I never made it to the big leagues in wakeboarding, like so many of the girls I rode with, it was an experience I will never forget.  Highlights were riding behind boats pulling the best riders in the world, landing my first back roll during a competition while having none other than Shane Bonifay as a teammate, and meeting other avid wakeboarders from all around the world. I also make a lifelong friend. Thank you for the memories!  It was a hoot.

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