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Stay healthy

Doing a lot of 180s helps us to strengthen our core. This way we can do more in wakeboarding, and in life! Core strength improves the overall state of our body.

Improve your skills

180s make your wakeboarding more creative. Keep in mind that there are And if you already know how to do a 180, then add another one, and you'll be able to do a 360! Also, did you know there are 8 variations of 180?

Push yourself

This is something we sometimes forget to do. Pushing ourselves makes us more willing to go next time. And you can add a 180 to almost every wakeboard trick! From very basic, to very advanced.

How do you "Add 180"?
Remember - there are 8 variations of it. And it can be added to almost anything. Sometimes it completely changes the name of the trick, but that's even more awesome. If you can do an ollie, go for an ollie 180.

On the boat, also add a 180 to almost all tricks! From wake 2 wake to Whirly and beyond.
On the cable, if you can transfer, add a 180 to your transfer. If you can throw a 180 off a feature, give it a 360 spin. Raley? Go for a Krypt! Don't forget you can also add a backside 180, toeside 180 in on the feature, or any of these in switch!
Be creative. Be unique. Be you!
And if you need some inspiration or advice, text me - I'll help you find the 180 that will go with your current wakeboarding level.

Liepa, founder and coach of WW

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