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liepa girskaite

✔ 300 women trained

✔ 20 cable parks visited

✔ Countless coaching days

I'm a founder of Women Wakeboarding community. My passions are wakeboarding, marketing, traveling and putting people on the wakeboards. I also like IT and some geeky stuff, and on my free time I teach women to wakeboard. I am a hobby rider and I am not looking for a career in wakeboarding, but I am patient, I have good techniques for teaching and I am here to teach you everything I know!


Wake divas

Wake Divas is a Journal created to add value and exposure to our cherished sport by portraying its most beautiful treasure. The brilliant female wakeboarders who sparkle for their courage and incredible talent. Founded by Andrea Gaytan and Wendy Rall.


Andrea is the Editor and 4X World Wakeboard Champion. A WHOF Inductee, writer, surfer and mom. 


Wendy Rall is the  Creative Director and Cofounder well-known as the Cofounder and former Creative Director of the first surfing magazine published in Mexico, Planeta Surf La Revisita

jennifer johnston

I am a graphic designer and all board sports lover. When I was seven, I started my first business selling bead bugs for $0.25 each. As the years went on, my collection of markers, finger paints and crafting supplies grew and grew! Now that I’m older, my life looks only slightly different. Paddleboarding with sharks, wakeboarding with alligators, trying not to break limbs while winching with skimboards. Yeah… it gets crazy. And in the spare time, I’m drinking too much coffee, creating digital artwork and growing my community of amazing board sports girls. It’s a dream life.

egle girskaite

I am an animator, video maker, and photographer. I worked in a wake park for a few years, and I just loved it. I really like the time on the water. Working at the wake park helped me understand what it takes to teach someone from the very beginning. Many people come for a first time and they need help to start. I think this is the beauty of wakeboarding. Everyone can do it. Not necessarily becoming a pro, but also just for fun. In my free time, I edit some videos of these amazing women and that's my thing to share with you.