Heya, wake girl!
We're happy you've joined the Women Wakeboarding community. Yes, we know - you didn't sign up for anything.

But that's the beauty of it. You're riding the board, it means you're a part of it! Every woman with a wakeboard (or willing to try) is welcome. 
No age or experience limits. We are here to connect and support each other!

In this page you will find:

  • Discounts for our club members. All you need to do is sign up!

  • Adventurous wakeboarding trip offers

  • Cool videos from our community to you

  • The Wake Divas Journal - History about the female wake-riders who started it all, wakeboarding tips and tricks, and videos and interviews with badass girl wakeboard stars!



our friends

Yoga mode studio

We are extremely happy when yoga teacher @vikakace joins us to show us some zen moves in between sessions. This studio just became international - one in Lithuania and one in the Netherlands! Go check them out.

  • Instagram yoga mode studio

lunar cable park

The coolest cable park in Europe. Everyone can have a tremendous amount of fun here. Great obstacles, very nice staff and always good summer vibes. Even in winter! Check out their instagram.

  • Instagram lunar cable park

funk gang

A family of riders who sometimes we team up with and do amazing things. We join their trips, we train together and we get some DUP gear from them. They are the best coaches. They are the guys who really support Women Wakeboarding. They believe women are cool. One love, guys!

  • Instagram yoga mode studio

wake up pool

This is the place where we train in winter. This is the only indoor wakepark in Europe and they become our home for the winter. 50 meters of always warm pool water, always warm air temperature, and very good coaches who can teach us any trick in just a few sessions. Air tricks and kickers for the winter, please!

  • Instagram lunar cable park
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